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Email makes the business world go ‘round! Celebrating exceptional email API development, email marketing and product email efforts in several categories, the Sparky Awards recognize the best in class in the email industry. Even better, the Sparky Awards are open to anyone, you need not be a SparkPost customer to enter!

Our panel of industry judges will select five winners, one for each category, who will each receive a coveted Sparky Award as well as accolades on our blog. One grand prize winner will receive a ticket to an industry conference of their choice, up to $1000 in value. Terms & Conditions.

Award Categories

  • Best Triggered Email. Triggered emails are core to the customer lifecycle for e-commerce and other businesses. From abandoned carts to location-based alerts to reorder reminders, sending a message at just the right moment delivers a rewarding customer experience. Show us your most creative triggered campaigns!
  • Best Subject Line. Clever, engaging or just plain funny subject lines drive some of the best user interactions, or at least make for great internet fodder. They're memorable for your users and reinforce brand reputation and awareness. Let’s see what you’ve got!
  • Best Use of a SparkPost Product. SparkPost’s email API delivers sophisticated features for applications big and small: metrics, webhooks, templates, inbound processing, HEML, sending email and more. What cool things are you building with SparkPost?
  • Best Interactive Email. Interactive email can be used for creating awesome user experiences without leaving the inbox. From shopping carts to games, we want to see what you’re doing to engage with your recipients all INSIDE the inbox!
  • Best Product Email. Product emails drive user engagement with your app or service. They encompass a variety of needs, including onboarding, shares and invites, notifications, password resets, and even product updates. Show us how you deliver key info to your users!

So. Do you think you have what it takes? We want to see! Submit to win (or nominate a colleague) and show us how you’re making a real business impact with email!

Start Sending Email in Minutes! We'll walk you through the simple integration process. With the SparkPost cloud email delivery service, you enjoy:

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  • Superior Deliverability: Experience an increase in engagement and higher revenue with deliverability rates that are the highest in the industry.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Get the clearest picture possible of what happens to your email with 42 real-time metrics.
  • Scalability: Are your email needs constantly changing? Our flexible pricing plan is designed to change with your business.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Comprehensive APIs and client libraries get you integrated and running quickly with your web or mobile app.
  • Unrivaled Performance: You want fast? That's what we do. We are proven to have the fastest delivery and provide you with guaranteed burst rates and SLAs.
  • 24x7 Support: Stuck? Need assistance? We're available 24x7 to help you troubleshoot and manage any issues you may encounter.
  • Transactional Email Templates: Stay on-brand and on-message with an easy-to-use system that lets you personalize, manage and dynamically populate email templates.
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Flexible pricing that fits the way you send.

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An often overlooked criteria when choosing an ESP is deliverability. Ensuring the successful delivery of email through thousands of mailbox providers and ISPs is no easy task - it requires a highly specialized sending infrastructure built for today's email needs. Not even the most sophisticated data analytics or one-to-one targeting programs will help if your email never arrives in the inbox.

In this paper, we explore the difference in deliverability between SparkPost and other email service providers and show how that adds up to billions of dollars in missed revenue. We show you:

  • Why companies who rely on email choose SparkPost
  • What an 8% lift in email deliverability means to your business
  • How deliverability rates differ across email service providers

Don't settle for the status quo when it comes to deliverability with your email service provider.

Download our executive brief, "The Big Rewards of Email Deliverability" to learn more about why you should be paying attention to the deliverability rates of email service providers.

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