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Email Delivery & Analytics Built for Developers, By Developers.

You know your app needs to send email, but we know email’s not something you want to have to deal with, so let SparkPost handle it for you.

SparkPost does what you need—triggered message generation, personalization, sending, webhooks and inbound relay, and performance tracking—with none of the baggage.

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Need Resources? We've Got Your Back.

  • SparkPost Community Slack Channel: Network, collaborate and get answers to your questions with other SparkPost developers.
  • SparkPost Developer Hub: Access tutorials, client libraries, blogs and more all in one place.
  • Documentation and Help: Get thorough documentation and quick answers to common FAQs and articles to help you get started.
  • Client Libraries: Combined with your language of choice, using the awesome, super-colossal power of our API couldn't be easier. Choose from Node.js, Ruby, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Go and Elixir.

Send via REST API or SMTP, integrate it into the languages you love with our client libraries, and benefit from comprehensive real-time analytics. Together, let’s build something awesome.

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Flexible pricing that fits the way you send.

Try SparkPost for free and send 15,000 emails/month, no credit card required.

emails / month
15K / free for testing and development
emails / month
$0.75 / thousand
emails / month
$0.70 / thousand
emails / month
$0.65 / thousand
High Volume
Save on volumes of 500K / month and up

See how easy it is to get started and integrate with your systems.

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Our Promise to Developers

We're all in for developers. We'll help you build something awesome.

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Developer Hub

Get sample code, client libraries, and more just for developers.

Puzzle Pieces

SparkPost GitHub

Get SparkPost client libraries, resources, tools, and snippets.

Go farther with SparkPost and take your email marketing to the next level.

Are you missing critical business because your email is not arriving fast enough? Don’t miss out on opportunities due to slow delivery or service downtime. With the SparkPost Performance Guarantee, we’ll meet your sending speed and availability requirements spelled out in our SLA with SparkPost Elite or you’ll get money back.

Do you suffer from low response rates due to undelivered email? Did you know over one fifth (21%) of all email does not arrive in the inbox? Even if your ESP says you have a 99% delivery rate to the ISP that does not mean your email made it to the inbox. SparkPost has the proven highest deliverability as measured in EDS data and is trusted to send 25% of the world’s non-spam email. This means a higher ROI for your email program.

Are you looking to lower the cost of your email program? SparkPost costs a lot less than you might think and is typically a fraction of the cost of big marketing ESPs.

Do you want to grow your email program and build powerful 1:1 personal connections with your customers? Most ESPs are complex and inflexible to a marketer’s needs because they were designed for the era of batch and blast. SparkPost and our partners offer a best-of-breed approach bring you a choice of the most modern, easy-to-use marketing tools and dynamic templates that enable marketers to be successful.  Now you can:

  • Create automated lifecycle message flows without complex programming
  • Trigger personalized, real-time offers
  • Test, analyze and optimize your email program more easily without an army of developers

With SparkPost, you now you have the power to scale and grow your email program the way you like! Contact us to learn more.

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